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Build your comms strategy with an editorial mindset.

Editorial marketing is a set of actionable guidelines that helps you take control of your brand narrative by building its durability beyond fleeting social and traditional PR.

Join the world’s leading chief communications, marketing, and brand officers in thinking editorial, and stop creating content in vain.

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“Every brand needs an editor-in-chief.”

Flavia Barbat, creator of editorial marketing and editor-in-chief of Brandingmag, has over a decade of experience in building successful media platforms and understanding what humans really want to consume. Her proprietary method has helped leading B2B brands create for longevity rather than algorithms, which she has now packaged into educational materials to help even more marketers embrace the mindset.

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Dominik Kaveri Khullar Shade Vaughn Ilaria Mangiardi Kevin Perlmutter


Flavia is an incredibly gifted thought leadership expert, content creator, and storyteller . . . She has a gift to elevate the debate, bring new sparks of inspiration to the table, and help companies stand out through the content they put out into the world.

Dominik Prinz-BarleyHead of Brand Strategy at Google

Flavia has the ability to blend the fundamental principles of content with the innovation that is needed in this constantly changing landscape of consumers, media, and tech, and create what can simply be called powerful, relevant, and meaningful content.

Kaveri KhullarSenior VP Marketing & Sponsorships, Mastercard Asia Pacific

Flavia stands out as one of the all-time greats at understanding how you can use thought leadership in a way that aligns with both your business strategy and values . . .

Shade VaughnChief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Akin

[Flavia’s] the real deal when it comes to professionalism and commitment to excellence. It’s like she has a sixth sense for what works and what doesn’t . . . A branding visionary who’s not only exceptional at what she does but also a joy to collaborate with.

Ilaria MangiardiHead of Copy & PR at MassiveMusic

Flavia defines what it takes to be a thought leader like no one else I know, at a time when so many people are claiming to be thought leaders . . . I love that she practices what she preaches and helps people become better known and regarded for what they uniquely do well.

Kevin PerlmutterFounder of Limbic Brand Evolution

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