Letter from the creator

Hi, I’m Flavia Barbat. If you’re new here, I’m an island-inclined content veteran. I’m also CEO and editor-in-chief of Brandingmag, a consultant, and a writer.

I’ve spent the last decade(ish) building successful, scalable communications strategies driven by thought leadership with an incredible team of people. In the process of working with contributors from all walks of life, I’ve learned what defines true substance and developed a bit of an aversion to “fluff”, along with all the marketing playbooks encouraging its creation.

“Flavia, the queen of nuance.” – Patrick Kizny

I realized along the way that the marriage between content, brand, and business strategy was invaluable for any and all companies. Which is how the editorial marketing mindset was born. I have seen first-hand what it has done for our company and others, so I packaged my approach in a way that people can apply themselves and am now releasing it into the world.

I eventually mind-mapped my way to a program that would give others the tools to introduce editorial marketing into their own organizations. Because at the end of the day, we’re all responsible for the content we create and the trends we foster. Creating content that’s intentional and delivers more than just surface-level repetition is how we’re going to write the future. And editorial marketing is my appeal to you to go deeper, because that’s where the real difference lies.

When I’m not working with my brilliant team and clients, you can find me sharing my opinions on LinkedIn, speaking on stage, or chatting on great podcasts with even greater people.

Moderator, speaker, mentor & juror

Besides hosting her own large events (REBELS AND RULERS, Branding Over Tea) and numerous live interviews with the likes of Esther Perel and Brian Collins, Flavia’s been involved in a number of other engagements including:

  • Speaking at SXSW 2024 in Austin
  • Mentoring as part of Cannes Lions’ “See it, Be it” program
  • Speaking at Wall-Street’s Fast Forward Business Summit in Bucharest
  • Judging the Transform Awards for many years in London
  • Co-hosting the Startup World Cup and Summit in Prague.

Flavia – I only wanted to say that I LOVED your session at SXSW. Best one of the event. Thanks for fighting the good fight!

Jake Doll, VP of PR @ BLASTmedia

Flavia regularly conducts talks, workshops, and sessions for the likes of:

Chief communications, marketing, and brand officers

Corporate marketing and sales professionals

Industry education groups

Executive leaders

Thought leaders

Inquire about availability

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