Become an industry leader—and stay one—with editorial marketing.

You need to publish premium content. To take your strategy beyond fleeting social and traditional PR. To up your visibility now, while simultaneously training your team to sustain it long term. You need an editorial partner that knows premium content. An editorial partner that’s spent the last 10+ years perfecting their approach.

You need editorial marketing.

We have decades of experience implementing communications strategies that have changed the way brands create content, for good.

Real results for our clients


website traffic in 6 months


online conversions in 3 months


average LinkedIn engagement rate


quality content pieces created per year


the conversion benchmark for social ads


live event attendees


external PDF downloads


books shipped (business development)~


quality leads per month


the media placements

Real results for our clients

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We build the custom guidelines and processes that allow for a flexible, effective content ecosystem. And help you:


a durable brand that withstands the tech of time


a referenced source (long-term brand building)


business development and customer retention


and maintain your brand’s unique point of view


disparate content creation and messaging


your thought leaders’ personal brands


the best talent and potential

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Led by Flavia, supported by our trusted network.

Flavia Barbat, creator of editorial marketing and editor-in-chief of Brandingmag, has helped some of the world’s largest B2B organizations build successful communications strategies. Our team and partners know exactly how to make all the difference for brands.

Spot-on strategy

Savvy copywriting

Sleek design

Clean development

Digital marketing

Social media advertising

Search & display advertising

Data & analytics

Event management

Editorial marketing is the literal bridge between business and brand.
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