Stop creating in vain, and start creating content that lasts.

Learn the mindset applied by some of the world’s leading chief communications, marketing, and brand officers to manage significant change for your business and stay durable. Discover how you can change your strategic communications strategy in just a few weeks.

Think Editorial Executive Program

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Flavia Barbat is one of the smartest people I’ve worked with. She brings an editorial approach to B2B content that helps both businesses and marketing teams hone their skills in thought-leadership content. Her framework for building and developing content ecosystems that engage and convert audiences is something all marketing teams could learn from.

Zoe Bishop, Chief Communications Officer at Designit

Online program curriculum

An actionable, high-value program that will teach you how to create, sustain, and distribute premium content. So that you can finally connect brand strategy to business outcomes in a tangible, coherent way.

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Module 2
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Module 6
Module 7

What is editorial marketing?

The fundamental truths of the editorial mindset: The world doesn’t need more, it needs better.

  • Which comes first, visual or verbal identity?
  • The role of thought leadership in brand communications
  • Disconnected content creation and wasted resources
  • Why people are more important than brand
  • The power of personal branding for organizations
  • Supporting the value of writing skills

Why editorial marketing?

Learn how an editorial marketer solves for the disadvantages that stem from how content is created today.

  • From disconnected content to a cohesive, yet flexible flow
  • From wasted resources to purposeful content creation and (re)usage
  • From incoherent messaging to the intention economy
  • From visual dictatorship to verbal democracy
  • From forced culture to authentic representation
  • From brand focus to people focus

Brand leadership starts with thought leadership

Understand why thought leadership is not an end product, but rather a mindset that stimulates the sharing of unique perspectives and the responsibility that comes with it.

  • What is thought leadership, really?
  • Building an organization of thought leaders
  • Identifying thought leaders beyond your C-suite

Tying editorial marketing to your brand strategy

Specify how the intentionality of your brand purpose, values, and narrative translate into the communications your brand and people are constantly producing.

  • Filling the gaps between your brand narrative and product marketing
  • Giving your brand depth and authenticity via a strategic content process
  • Staying focused in an era where distraction is the most rampant virus

Tying editorial marketing to your business strategy

Elevate, concentrate, and coordinate your content investments to align with various components of the business.

  • Elevate, concentrate, and coordinate your content investments to align with various components of the business.
  • Prioritizing topics by maturity and the timing of commercial opportunities
  • Connecting your content strategy to various KPIs
  • Demonstrating the tangible value of a strategic approach to comms to validate efforts
  • Driving transformation across your organization by doing so

The editorial marketing framework

Learn how to build and sustain a content ecosystem of your own.

  • Defining your brand narrative that ties together your offering, target audience insights, industry developments, and what you want to be known for
  • Developing a content strategy and ideas, map your content and prioritize creation
  • Understanding the concept of evergreen content and why it is better
  • Championing the editor-in-chief mindset
  • Defining the channel strategy for publishing and promoting your content—paid and organic

Daily practice and benefits

How you can start implementing editorial marketing now to:

  • Claim and maintain your brand’s unique point of view
  • Merge disparate content creation
  • Distinguish your brand
  • Raise the profile and following of your experts
  • Uncover your brightest minds (not just highest or loudest)
  • Be a better employer (teach useful skills & build personal brands)
  • Attract potential by showing how you think
  • Become a referenced source (long-term brand building)
  • Cultivate brand awareness and relevance
  • Stimulate acquisition in an always on approach, with data collected and owned by you
  • Stimulate internal feedback loop of knowledge and understanding between your teams such as marketing and sales

Who is this executive program for?

Communications, marketing, and content directors, leads, and managers.

And if your job title includes variations of these: global business marketing, B2B marketing, employer brand, content, and brand marketing.

Expect to walk away with the knowledge and confidence you need to be an editorial leader, whatever your position. To create ripple effects of change within your organization.

What's included?

  • Weekly live working sessions and the ability to rewatch the recordings if you miss them.

  • In-depth working sessions on the weekend.

  • 1-1 contact with Flavia Barbat, both during the sessions and outside of them, in which you can learn from her, get clarity, and ask questions.

  • Brand narrative, verbal identity, content ecosystem, and content mapping exercises.

  • Practical, applicable approaches such as how to solidify a verbal identity or write a great case study that sells without selling.

Your biggest questions about strategic communications, answered.

If I’m a B2B company (e.g., an agency or manufacturer), then how does editorial marketing stand to benefit my reputation? Isn’t the creativity and innovation of my client work enough?

How is editorial marketing different from PR, and why do I need both to achieve the business transformation I’m looking for?

How can content maximize my communication resources (e.g., thinkers, budget, writers, time) efficiently while still hitting the quality mark?

How does editorial marketing from within contribute to the overall value of my brand?

How can an editorial strategy expand our current brand or client efforts into sustainable impact across our target audience(s)?

How do I go about building an editorial marketing strategy? What are some of the creation, distribution, communication, and metrics principles that I should adopt?

Editorial marketing is a tried and tested mindset that has helped billion-dollar brands generate:


online conversions in 3 months


external long-form PDF downloads


presentation downloads


pieces of written content per year


increase in target media placements


website traffic in 6 months


average LinkedIn engagement rate


people tuning in for live events


books distributed for business development

award-winning branded content initiatives

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  • Live, private, online program with Flavia
  • Weekly sessions across an 8-week period
  • In-depth weekend working sessions
  • Access to all session recordings for life
  • Practical theory and approaches
  • Direct contact with Flavia throughout the program
  • Content ecosystem framework
  • Content mapping framework
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